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Wood Fences

It may be very difficult to choose the right fencing for your property. It is important to take several factors, such as environment and climate, into account. Of course, you may also add the style of your property, the need to ensure better protection and so on. Our website will provide you with a lot of useful information that will help you to choose exactly what you need. 

Do not forget that the fence is one of the most important components of a summer cottage or a farmhouse estate. Without a fence, no house will not look completely finished, while the surrounding area will be unattractive and unprotected. Fence is the first thing every passer-by or guest sees. Fence will also leave a good impression of the house and its owner.

The design, manufacture and installation of fences has been our core business for more than 10 years. There are hundreds of satisfied customers who recommend us to their friends and acquaintances.    For your peace of mind, our experienced professionals will provide you with a guarantee for their work.

We offer a wide range of fences – from the very basic and cheapest ones to the complex ones. From the most common to decorative. We offer fencing both for average level of protection and high level of protection. We also specialize in the installation and manufacturing of sliding gates

Wooden fences – suitable for fencing of residential areas, instead of a hedge, or for gardens; they fit perfectly in the landscape and complement the general appearance of the house.
Both vertically and horizontally formed fence panels are available.
Wooden fence panels have a decorative appearance, they are less transparent, isolate sound and are durable (long-lasting). In case of damage, individual pickets may be replaced easily.

Wooden fences with concrete posts have a decorative and presentable appearance. These fences are more often used for facade fencing. Different types of wood sections and pole drawings will allow you to choose the most appropriate solution. High-quality wood processing with impregnating materials provides greater resistance to sunlight and rot. Frost-resistant concrete will ensure long-term durability of the fence construction.