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Welded Wire Fences

We offer various types of fences:

Welded wire fence rolls – made of welded horizontal and vertical wires, very stable. Suitable for installing on flat surfaces. There are various types of welded fences in rolls. Fence rolls are made of galvanized wire, which is then resistance welded and coated with a layer of plastic. Every mesh is bended. It is an excellent choice for home, gardens, parks. Each type of fence is available in rolls and it is well-known that welded fences in rolls last a long time without causing undue problems.


Chain link fencing – made of woven wires making a flexible fence that easily adapts to the form of the surface. Suitable for installing on uneven surfaces. For many years, chain link fencing has been used in various areas and it is easy to install. It is possible to buy fences of different mesh size and length. The diameter of wire is generally 2 mm and the average height is 150 cm, but fences of different heights are available. Chain link fences are galvanized, therefore they are weather-resistant and do not bend easily. In addition one can buy a tying wire, which is sold in rolls of 100 m in length. It is very convenient for fastening the tensioning wire. The metal chain link fencing made in Italy is of high quality thanks to the state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and the manufacturer’s quest for a perfect result. A properly installed chain link fence will serve for a long time without causing undue problems.

Panel fencing – particularly suitable for fencing of industrial areas. Panel fence system consists of panels of various height, which can be attached to a lot of types of fence posts.
All types of panels are available with a variety of fasteners, additional elements and swing or sliding gates of various width.

Fast installation
All components are designed to provide a high-quality professional product that can be installed efficiently and quickly.
Panels are made of galvanized bars. The connecting layer provides ideal adhesion to the polyester layer (at least 100 microns thick). According to the European standard EN 10326, bars are galvanized both from the inside and from the outside (minimum layer thickness – 275g/m2, both sides together).
Then the connecting layer is applied, and finally the bars are coated with plastic (minimum layer thickness – 60 microns).
– Hot-dip galvanized panels are available
– hot-dip galvanized with PVC coating
Non-standard colours upon request


Agricultural fencing – Agricultural fences are designed for fencing off live-stock or creating enclosures.    Fences of various height and wire diameter are available, selected according to the species of animal to be fenced off. These fences are also used in highway fencing, thus protecting both animals and drivers. A variety of high-quality agricultural mesh are available. They are ideal for fencing off roads, forests, orchards, pastures, etc. These meshes are made of galvanized wire. Zinc can later be covered with a green PVC. This type of fence is particularly suitable for animal breeding purposes, protection of sowings etc.