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Swing Fence Gates

Swing gates are an economical, convenient and safe way to ensure the entry and exit into/from yards, compounds, parking lots and garages.

Swing gates are most commonly installed in large areas where the opening and closing of the gate does not interfere with the movement of vehicles and people.

We manufacture swing gates according to the customer’s needs. A wide range of filling materials. The gate may be made of / lined with wooden boards, metal pipes, forged parts, Rannila elements etc.

Swing gates are equipped with adjustable hinges, which allow the gate to be opened both ways.

The gates are characterized by their equipment, which provides for an easy and quiet closing of the gate – it is especially important in case of large gates.

We offer equipping swing gates with automation systems made in Italy, which give you the option of remote control that ensures easy operation of the gate. In case of a power failure, gates can be opened manually, unlocking the gate automation system with a special key.