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Sliding Fence Gates

Sliding gate is one of the best options if you want to make good use of the allocated gate space, as well as if there is a limited road area. Unlike swing gates, sliding gates only need a long enough fence line, along which they could open.

Advantages of sliding gates:

  • Sliding gates do not occupy space inside the territory and outside it;
  • Sliding gates have no length limit;
  • Safety, long life of sliding gates;
  • Attractive design of sliding gates.

One can no longer see the automation motor and control unit of the latest generation of automatic sliding gates, since the motor and the control unit are built into the gate post, and the gate will no longer spoil the scenery of your yard with an ugly power box.

Unauthorized access to the automation system is prevented. If there is no electricity, the gate can be easily opened manually, unlocking the gate opening mechanism with a special key, which is installed in the gate post.

We manufacture sliding gates according to the customer’s needs. A wide range of filling materials. The gate may be made of / lined with wooden boards, metal pipes, forged parts, Rannila elements etc.

Reliable functioning of the gate is guaranteed by the self-supporting structure. The gate, which is hung over the driveway, does not require additional supports, and therefore snow, leaves and sand do not prevent the gate from opening freely.

Stable movement of the gate plane is ensured by a roller guide system, which is fitted with bearings, while the post-mounted locking element ensures a soft and safe locking of the gate in a closed position.  Our company has very extensive experience in the manufacture and installation of such doors. We have successfully implemented a lot of projects. We are the first and currently the only manufacturers of this type of gate in Latvia.