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Rolling Shutters & Rolling Grilles

Industrially produced high-quality garage rolling shutters for private houses; an industrial type manufactured with great precision. It is possible to manufacture this type of shutter with a completely airtight sheet or as rolling grilles. Thanks to the compact design (no guide tracks are necessary to lift the vertical plane of the shutter to the ceiling), these shutters are ideal for small garages and garages with a short driveway. The construction of this roller door includes corrosion-resistant aluminium sections.

The shutter is powered by an electric motor. Remote control is available. The shutter has no threshold and the lower sealing band fits the floor perfectly, providing a good space insulation and adapting to uneven surface. In case of a power failure, the shutter can be easily opened with an emergency handle. Rolling shutters are equipped with a cylinder-type electric motor, indoor and outdoor (key type) power switches. Remote control, regardless of the weather, allows getting into the garage safely and comfortably.