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Overhead Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors are the most common type of garage doors at the moment. Sectional garage doors have a convenient and functional design, consisting of a series of horizontal elements, which are fastened together with hinges.

Heat insulation – door is filled with high-quality polyurethane heat-insulating filling. As a result, sectional garage doors are safe, economical, with heat insulation, protecting the garage from breaking into. You can rest assured that your car is secure.

The panel of sectional garage door is located at the ceiling, saving space in front of the garage door.
To open sectional garage doors, one no longer has to leave the car. We equip sectional garage doors with a remotely controlled automation system.

In cases where electricity supply is disrupted, the door can be opened by hand, unlocking it with a special key.
Sound insulation – operation of sectional garage door does not create a lot of noise.
Heat insulation. Unlike conventional metal doors, sectional garage doors with heat insulating filling protect the premises from heat loss in the winter.
Design. Original modern design. Sectional garage doors with a wide range of colour and design choices can be adapted to all architectural and design requirements.
Our company specializes in the installation of sectional garage doors manufactured by Teckentrup (Germany), Bremet (Italy), and FlexiForce (Netherlands). These companies have extensive experience and have proven themselves to be producers of high-quality and reliable products.