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Metal Doors

Metal entrance door – it is the most common type of engineering protection from intrusion in premises approved by both statistical research and the growing consumer demand. It is the first line of defence of any apartment, house or any other premises. Metal entrance doors are resistant to breaking open, its is virtually impossible to knock them out or inflict any mechanical damage.

Selecting the right door is not an easy task. The offer in Latvian metal door market is extensive and varied. Aesthetic appearance as well as good heat/sound insulation are mandatory prerequisite for door manufacturing and installation, but the many years of experience of our masters are the key to the quality of our products. Doors are made according to the dimensions requested by the customer. We use the bent design in door manufacturing process, created using the latest bending technology and high-precision production equipment, with programmable control. Steel sheets, from which the door sash and frame is made of, are bent in such a way as to create a solid door frame, which is ribbed with additional security ribs.

Compared with frame-type doors, bent design metal doors look much better.

Good heat and sound insulation is ensured by the internal filling – wool.
To increase the sound insulation value and the shock absorption of the door, when opening and closing it, a special sealing is placed over the entire perimeter of the leaf.
The doors are equipped with hinge security pins and hinges with bearings.

We also produce metal door without insulation, with one-sided sheathing, for simple outbuildings.