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Freezer Doors

Door leaf is normally 40-120 mm thick; it is made of polyester laminate and is reinforced with glass fibres and polyurethane filling. The doors are very durable, with good insulation properties; thanks to their design and materials used, the doors meet the sanitary and hygienic requirements. Thermal insulation and heating cables prevent condensation and freezing of the doors (to -20-60 °C).

Freezer warehouses are usually equipped with sliding doors, single-leaf or double-leaf double doors. Door and gate dimensions shall be determined, taking into account the working conditions of the forklift used. For more information on freezer doors, visit section Cooler Compartment and Freezer Doors.

Thickness of sandwich panels shall be calculated depending on the functional role of the warehouse and the planned storage temperature. The use of sandwich panels for construction of freezer warehouses.

The door can be easily opened and closed manually, but the door can also be equipped with an automation system for additional convenience. Our company has very extensive experience in the manufacture and installation of such doors. We have successfully implemented a lot of projects.