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Folding Doors

Folding doors without floor guides. Panels are usually 50 mm thick. This type of door is usually made of sandwich panels. We also manufacture doors without heat insulation, with Rannila cladding. Doors can be equipped with an electric motor. The width of a single leaf is usually up to 1250 mm. Upon request, we manufacture wider leafs (up to 1450 mm) with 0.5 mm thick steel sheet and RAL cladding. This type of door is weather-resistant.

Rubber seals on the sides, at the top and bottom of the door ensure minimal thermal loss. The door structure is galvanized, with a steel cladding. Doors can be equipped with windows and staff door. A large choice of colours. Our company has very extensive experience in the manufacture and installation of such doors. We have successfully implemented a lot of projects.