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Fire-proof Metal Doors

Our company is one of the few that makes and installs certified fire-proof doors. We manufacture fire-proof doors of class EI-30, EI-60, and EI-90. Fire-proof doors are installed in a wall or a partition wall of a thickness of not less than 100 mm. Fire-proof door is composed of an iron frame with welded wall mounts and door leafs of sheet steel with mineral wool insulation.

Smoke tightness of doors is ensured by a sheet of a special material, which expands during a fire, and a rubber sealing profile. Standard fire-proof doors are equipped with a handle and a stopper. Door frame and leaf are powder-coated. Customer can choose the colour from the RAL catalogue. The leaf and frame surfaces are coated with epoxy primer TEMACOAT GPL-S, which is then coated by polyurethane paint TEMADUR-20 (according to the RAL and RR catalogue colours).