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Fire-proof Gates

Fire-proof gate can be used as a main gate or installed as a second gate, which is always open and closes only in case of fire.  These gates are used as an effective barrier of flames and smoke in case of fire and are activated automatically.We manufacture fire-proof gates of class EI-30, EI-60, and EI-90.
Automation works as follows: the gate is kept open with the help of an electromagnet, which is switched off with a smoke detector system, closing the gate. This technical solution makes it possible to evacuate people safely in case of fire and provides the fire and rescue service with access to the fire site. Fire-proof gates are commonly used in buildings with increased fire safety requirements (hospitals, administrative offices, warehouses, production units and power industry facilities)

All the fire-proof gates (swing, sliding, overhead) we manufacture have the relevant certificates and they comply with the fire safety standards.
In terms of design, fire-proof gates are similar to traditional gates with the difference of the materials used – fire-resistant leafs, fire-proof profiles, heat insulation filling, sealing against cold smoke, a fire-resistant automation system with smoke detectors ensuring fire protection of class EI60. At the customer’s request, fire-proof gate can be supplied with additional systems and equipment.