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Fence Pickets

 Impregnated Fence Pickets

Impregnation means saturating wood products with protective substances that extend the lifetime of the material several times. Wood is safely protected from potential degradation factors, such as rot, mould, powder-post beetles etc. In addition, wood treated in such manner has the ability to resist moisture, which in turn reduces wood swelling and deformation risks.

We offer our customers two impregnation colours: green and brown. The choice is purely a matter of taste of each customer, since the protective properties do not change depending on the colour.

Environmentally friendly impregnation liquid that does not contain arsenic and chromium is used for high-pressure impregnation. Nowadays, vacuum pressure impregnation technology is considered to be the most efficient. The processing is carried out in a special autoclave.

Profiled, planed fence pickets are made of freshly sawn wood, with a humidity factor of 18%.    The most popular fence picket profile is with a rounded tip, and the pickets of this profile are always available in our warehouse. We manufacture other types of profiles upon request.