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Automation Systems

Gate automation is divided according to the type of gates: swing gates, overhead gates, sectional gates, and the same applies for types of automation: swing gate automation, overhead gate automation and sliding gate automation. Safe long-term operation of automatic gates requires secure gate automation control system and automation components. In our work, we use safe gate automation systems produced by MARANTEC (Germany), NICE (Italy) and BFT (Italy) that are popular in many countries. All automatic gates can be opened and closed manually if necessary.

Automation for swing fence gates:

A wide range of automation types are used in automation of swing gates.

Standard linear gate motors are the most commonly used.

Sliding fence gate automation:

Sliding gate automation and power supply mechanisms use a supply line, and sliding of the gate is ensured by a motor and a gear rack, which is attached to the gate leaf. We find individual solutions for industrial facility sliding gate systems, 500–1000 kg of high movement intensity, on each particular site. For example, an industrial facility needs partially open sliding gates to ensure free movement of people – we have the right solutions for such cases. If necessary, we equip the gate with photocells that ensure automatic opening and closing of the gate.

Sectional garage door automation:

This type of automation, electrical motors and mechanisms are used in small-sized garage doors, and even in these cases different motors can be found for different movements. The most important parameters are the width and height of the garage door. The motors have high operational parameters. These types of motors are divided into several categories and can be used for sectional garage doors of different weight and size.

Double gate automation with articulated arms:

There are situations where, for technical or aesthetic reasons, one can not use this standard linear automation and motor. For example, when using a wide gate support pole. In this situation, gate automation with articulated arms is installed.

Industrial sectional gate automation:                     

Sectional garage doors have the most complex gate automation and power mechanisms due to the specific technical requirements towards this type of gate power mechanisms. They have to operate with low noise and change the movement trajectory when touching an obstacle.